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What’s the deal with soup?

It’s like a liquid that you eat.

obviously never had home-made Scotch broth … that stuff is thick enough to cut a slice and stick in a roll LOL

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DIY Easy Yarn Wig Tutorial from Brown Paper Packaging. You need stockings/tights and yarn. This is an almost last minute DIY if you have a sewing machine.

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How do people usually react to seeing you knit in public?



"Oh, I love your crochet!"

Ugh… “I’m actually knitting..”

"Oh, well have fun crocheting!"

it’s even better when they pronounce it “crotch-it”

I had a 3yr old girl come up and ask me what i was knitting … I was pleasantly shocked that she knew what i was doing

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^^^ THIS ^^^

i saw this and thought THING :D

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I used to laugh so much about this.  Not once in all the movies does a woman die on screen.  

I hope that Jurassic World doesn’t break the canon.

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Productive day

and yes before anyone asks … i will be “building” a snowman next har-dee-har

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Knitted Pirate Dude

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actually quite emotional about this … the Teddy on the right has been Brians teddy from day zero basically … but after umpteen stitchings, restuffings and washings he is now getting a bit too threadbare and the last reseam was hard

SO picked up a new one thru ebay and asked Brian how he would feel if I could get the Magic Teddy Doctor to make Teddy look like new again… aaawww yessss he said so positive there

New Teddy arrived today … OMG i’d forgotten how nice they are new

A wee tear shed as I put Old Teddy into a bag to keep him safe and up ontop of the wardrobe just now till we find a permanent store for him … cos i just CANNOT fling him out

New Teddy is tucked up in Brians bed, will let him find him and see what happens … fingers crossed